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There is big world out there sitting in front of computer, laptop and mobile and enjoying there blissful life and experiencing new technology and its impact in our daily life. Now in today’s world it is impossible to imagine life without internet. The difference between between physical and digital is getting blur in every passing days. All major activities of normal life be it education, business, social life, entertainment are moving from physical form to digital form and now with the advancement of IoT, Blockchain and Bitcoin we won’t be surprise if in near future physical currency will shift to digital cryptocurrency.

Behind the screen of our digital device there another world of technocrats, entrepreneurs, dreamers, developers and investors working hard in all these path breaking technologies to make it happen. Those concepts which were earlier heard in mythologies, stories or science fiction novel and movies are now thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality including AR, MR and XR becoming reality now.

Between these two worlds there is very small door known as address bar. This address bar is nothing but a place where after famous www. we write the name of your favorite website name. The site name is nothing but a domain name, a relatively very small but vibrant group of creative people helping to provide perfect matching door name so that user and developers can meet and experience easily without any confusion in this crowded digital world.