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Here I will share all tips and methodologies related with domain, name and branding. Before someone ask why these are important in business where bottom line is ultimately define by the quality of products and service. What is so fuzz about name even Shakespeare wrote “What is in a name”.

Right ? Nice question and good argument but please remember even after writing “What is in a Name” even Shakespeare wrote his own name as a write and not published as unanimously. Thus in all practical sense whether it’s life or a business “Name Matters” because it is not just a name but an underwritten trust, goodwill which eventually make a brand value. The mobile company in China might be manufacturing mobile for all leading brands Apple, Samsung, OPPO, Nokia etc. but it the name of the company and logo that eventually force buyer to pay certain price without any argument or question. The garment company in rural Bangladesh might the origin of all important leading garment brands like Nike, Zara, Forever and inspite of comparable quality it the brand of the company that is main differentiating factors in the pricing.

In sort in business “Name Matters” and all sincere entrepreneurs, startups, business ventures, sensible investors, venture capitalists’ care for their Names and Brand reputations.